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Summer Scapes


One of my favorite things about early summer (besides less clothing and porch hang outs) are the lovely and ephemeral garlic scapes. Scapes are the curly stems that shoot up from garlic bulbs in late spring and early summer in search of nutrients from the sun. You can find them at the farmers market or in your very own garden if you’re growing garlic this year.

These tender stems have a milder flavor than mature garlic and taste delicious in scrambled eggs, salads, pesto, and are a nice alternative to scallions. I like to chop them up and sauté them in a bit of coconut oil to add a bit of flavor to my breakfast.



P.S. my breakfast experiment has been an epic failure. I just haven’t had the time or energy to be creative about breakfast in the past week. Maybe that’s okay. This breakfast of scape-y eggs, avocado, and homemade kraut was delicious though!

Author: Emily Stein

In no particular order: health nut, mommy, yogi, urban dweller, wife, and nature lover

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